CLUBS --- Encouraging Creativity


With a view to make students of the college ‘Industry-Ready’ and to help sharpen their ability to communicate, clubs were introduced on campus this year. With these clubs the environment has evolved into one where the knowledge imparted in the classroom is supplemented by inputs that improves student’s creativity and hone their talents.

WHY CLUBS@Kasturba?

College clubs are a way of engaging in learning outside the classroom. For students who are interested in learning more about their major, an academic club can offer mentoring, professional networking and special events that they don’t find in a classroom. Student activities in each club are designed to provide opportunities for students to enhance their academic development as they strengthen their leadership skills.


Clubs on campus give students the ability to meet students with similar interests and engage in opportunities they might otherwise not have. Joining a club can be a good way for students to meet people outside their class and engage in extracurricular activities. This will give them an opportunity to hear from other students, alumni and guest speakers about what is going on in the world outside the classroom and gain valuable insights that may help in their future career. Club activities are conducted on Friday afternoons for students to hone their creative skills. Students can opt for membership in one or more of the following clubs:


Bio-Club: The Bio-Club serves as a platform for manifold activities in life-sciences. The club aims at the expansion of student networks by creating a life-science cluster. It coordinates and organizes events involving students majoring in life sciences. It conducts awareness programs, seminars, career guidance programs, workshops, integrated projects and presentations. Each dept organizes programs comprising songs, plays and fun events.

Bioclub awards 2014-15

Bioclub awards- 2015-16

Welcome dance

Fusion dance


The SITEMAP (Statistics, Information technology, Electronics, Maths and Physics) focuses on organizing programs revolving around latest research in physical sciences. The students learn about latest developments in the computing and electronics world. The club also host guest lectures, workshops, quizzes, puzzles, exhibitions, web-designing and app making competitions. It encourages students to conduct surveys and a hobby group that aims to teach and help students understand the seemingly incomprehensible electronic gadgets in the world today, and also assists people in developing their own devices.

Poster Presentation

Robotics Workshop

BigData Analytics Guest Lecture

Powerpoint and Web Design Competition


The literary club aims at fostering a love for reading. It conducts activities to promote language skill through reading, book reviews, elocution and other literary activities. In addition to the quizzes, debates and essay writing competitions the club also screens historical and art films from time to time.


The social sciences club is devoted to the study and discussion of current affairs and topics related to the social sciences. It conducts guest lectures, exhibitions, presentations, college debates and members are encouraged to participate in activities related to social causes.


The entrepreneurship club was established to create a meeting point for aspiring young entrepreneurs. The club’s mission is to inculcate business skills and entrepreneurship among the members. It provides opportunities for students to enhance their creative skills and assists them in developing marketing skills that will enable them to establish their own ventures in the future. The students are encouraged to set up stalls to markets articles made by them for time to time. The Consumer club is an integral part of the entrepreneurship club. The club promotes awareness on consumer rights and issues. The club organizes exhibitions, awareness programs and communicates via print and electronic media.


The Green Club promotes awareness about protecting the environment. In addition students learn about the importance of energy conservation and pollution reduction on the campus and in the neighborhood. The club organizes awareness campaigns, eco friendly exhibitions and various competitions related to protecting the environment.

Haritha Haram


The cultural club promotes culture and tradition by encouraging talented students to participate in cultural programs which include singing, dancing and acting. The club aims to revive local and national heritage and traditions. Festivals which promote national integration and harmony are celebrated on campus. The club is a platform for students to showcase their talents and members are drawn from the club to participate in both intra and inter-college cultural programs and competitions.

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