The Department of Physical Education, headed by Ms Deva Krupavaram came into existence in the year 1976.She headed the department from 1976 to 2009. Sprawling ground in the campus enable the students to play outdoor games like Cricket, Tenni-Koit, Lawn Tennis, Basket-Ball, Volley-Ball, Kho-Kho,Khabaddi, Soft-Ball, Hand-Ball, Weight Lifting etc. The Department also provides facilities for indoor games like Chess, Carroms, Table-Tennis, Shuttle, Badminton etc. A well equipped Gym has state–of-the-art equipment and exercising gadgets. Training in Martial Arts like Judo is also available for interested students. Our students have represented the college in all the above mentioned games at the Inter Collegiate, All India Inter University, National and Inter National Levels and won laurels in the form of Gold & Silver Medals.

Presently under the stewardship of Capt.Jayasudha(M.A in Political Science, B.PEd) as Physical Director, assisted by Ms. Padmaja, Asst. Physical Director, it continues the tradition and the tempo.

On the Sports and Games front, the students of Kasturba won a number of awards at the State & National levels. To further encourage this trend, the college has successfully built a very good Basket Ball Court with the encouraging support of the Management and generous grants by the UGC.

Major Highlights:

  • Ms. Sowjanya of B.Com I and Shravanthi of B.A II were part of the winning cricket team in England during 2005-06.
  • Ms. Raj of B.A II secured Gold Medal in National Judo Championship in New Delhi in 2005-2006.
  • Ms. K.Mrudula of B.Com III secured I position in International Athletic in SriLanka in 2007-08. She had won 2 first, 2 second and 3 third positions in Chennai, Bangalore anf Guwahati during 2006-07.
  • Ms. HAritha of B.Com I secured 2 first, 3 second, 2 third and 1 fourth positions in National Athletic Championships held in Chennai, Delhi, Warangal, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Guwahati during 2006-07.
  • Ms. Oormila Ram of B.sC III participated in International Tennis Tournaments in Bangkok in 2006-07.
  • Ms. Devakrupavaram was awarded "Best Lecturer in Physical Education", by the Physical Directors Assciation, Andhra Pradesh.
  • Lt. T.Jayasudha received Chief Minister's Award for Best NCC officer in the year 2008.
  • The department is maintaining Osmania University's overall Championship with Ist and IInd Positions and also receiving a cash award from Vice Chancellors.

The past five years were events packed for the Dept. of Physical Education. A great number of participations in a variety of events were marked by creditable achievements. The following are the details :

Participation and Achievements from 2005 to 2010

International participations in tennis, cricket, korfball, netball, athletics, Karate, Weight Lifting and APR Scouts :

National participations in Tennis, Cricket, Hockey, Tennikoit, Basketball, Baseball,Softball, Koftball, Netball, Athletics, Kayaking, Carroms, Chess,Kabbadi,Cross country,Jr. Weight lifting ,Judo and Karate

All India Inter-University Tournaments in Cricket, Cross Country, Soft ball, Basket ball, Korfball, Hand ball, Volley ball, Tennis, Hockey, Kho Kho, Kabbadi, Judo, Swimming, Lawn tennis, Athletics

Inter-Collegiate participations and achievements

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